Monday, July 10, 2006

17 months old

Aine is such a little person now. She loves to follow her brother and do whatever he is doing. She plays trains with him, carries her doll in the sling and has stroller races. She runs all the time and enjoys jumping on the couch or bed. She can do a somersault with Eamon with a little nudge on the bottom.

Her understanding of conversatons and questions is growing. She follows simple two-step directions and often replies to requests with an adamant shake or nod of the head. Her use of signs is expanding; her favorite sign is "more." She uses it for everything lately. Aine's vocabulary is growing as well. She enjoys gathering shoes for everyone and can be heard putting her foot out asking for "Shoe." She also says ball, mama, grandad, grandma, Eamon, more, uh-oh and dog. Aine prefers, however, to let others speak for her. She will often just look at you with wide eyes and use non-verbals to get her point.

She is a delight and a treasure. We are lucky to have our little doll.

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  1. She is growing up so fast and you can really see the image of her mamma in her now. You are very lucky to have two such great children. I may be just a little bias however!