Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Eamon and Aine love to dress up and pretend. We have a box in the playroom full of options. Here are a few recent ensembles...

Eamon is dressed as a butterfly. He laid down and covered himself with the wings telling me that he was in his cocoon.

The hat, gloves, and outfit are transformed by Eamon into a firefighter's garb. Sometimes he add a giraffe mask as extra protection.
Eamon donning his wacky glasses and nose.


  1. Looks like Tiny E is wearing his Adriatic Sea shirt from Croatia. They are so cute...Aine has changed a ton since I last saw her in May. We're missing them bunches!

  2. Oh, yes he is! He loves his Auntie Lori and Unkie Petey shirt :)

    We miss you too!

  3. They are so cute~and what does Eamon have on his nose? Very cute!

  4. I love that they have dress-up clothes! What a great way to express themselves! Heather you're such a great mom!!! :)