Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We lost Eamon last Sunday...

A recount of the events on October 1st:

This morning, Aine and I took advantage of the cooler weather by heading off for a walk with Ava in tow. Eamon and Dave were still sleeping. I shut the garage door and strode off.

When I rounded the corner by our house on the return, I immediately noticed that the garage door was open. I KNEW that I had closed it. My fears were compounded when I saw that the door to our van was open. Eamon knows how to open the door to the van and push the garage door opener. I ran inside screaming for Eamon, waking Dave up in the process.

I ran back outside, threw Aine into the car. Dave was screaming for Eamon in the house and backyard. I heard his voice change, so I thought perhaps he saw Eamon in the park behind our house. I tore across the yard and saw a police cruiser. He veered over to me and told me he had my son.

Eamon had walked out of the house and down the street looking for me. A neighbor heard him crying, so he called the police. Eamon told them his name and our name. He told them Dave is a police officer. They were driving around our neighborhood looking for an open garage door with a cruiser outside.

One of the officers saw me running like a mad woman. He pulled up to me and told me he had my son.

What a morning....

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  1. You and Eamon were very lucky that he didn't get any further. I know just how you felt because his daddy did the same thing to me when he was just about that age. The only difference was that David wasn't allowed to cross the street so he just headed around the block.