Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Ornaments

This year and those to follow, Eamon & Aine will receive an ornament. The ornament will reflect their interests, ideas or thoughts at the time.

Eamon - this year he received tractor. Eamon LOVES machines. He enjoys riding around in the car spotting farm equipment, construction vehicles and cranes. He has been able to identify various types for a long time. Whenever we go to Home Depot or the like, Eamon spends a long time riding the tractors. He really enjoys visiting his Uncle Jim and actually riding on a John Deere. The only thing better than tractors to Eamon is trains.

Aine - this year, she received a butterfly. Aine loves nature. When we went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Desert Botanical Gardens, she was in awe. She would jump up and down and gigle in glee. She crouched down and studied the butterflys. One even climbed onto her shirt and then her shoe. We have visited the pavilion a few times to give her more opportunities to visit the butterflies. Now she will spot them on our walks as well as in our yard.


  1. I know that I have told you before that I think you are doing such an awesome job at raising your children. I think that you are bringing such a sense of awe to each of the children and you are very astute at letting them develope into the people they are meant to be. As one of their grandparents I would like to say thank you to both you and David for that great gift.

  2. Maybe when you guys come to Michigan we can go to Mackinac Island and visit the Butterfly House. I think we went there before, but Aine would absolutely LOVE it!!! Hope you all had a very nice Christmas!! Miss you so much!