Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walk for Epilepsy

Brennan, a friend of the kids, had a brain tumor removed in November. His surgery went well, but he now has seizures. His physicians think he probably has epilepsy now. He is back in school and doing well. His family invited us to participate in the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona WalkWe had a fun time walking and enjoying the activities. There was a performing family that entertained the kids with juggling, gymnastics and face-painting. Aine did not have her face painted, but Eamon did. He loved the results.


  1. That looks amazing!! E looks just like Spiderman!!

  2. Spiderman has nothing on eamon! His daddy used to want to be Spidey too. He would put his grandmothers hair net on his face and try to shoot webs from her gloves on his hands. Also too cute.