Monday, May 21, 2007

Crafting craziness

I have subscribed to Ottobre magazine for a few months. I haven't had the courage or patience to attempt any of the patterns - just the pattern sheet is intimidating. I finally decided to change that. I had some knit floral fabric that would work perfectly with a pattern in the newest issue.

It came out pretty well. This is one of my first true experiences with knit. Once I figured out my machine and the fabric, it was a breeze. I am not totally happy with the ribbing at the neck, but she loves it. Modeled photos later.
I also was finally able to embellish a t-shirt to match Aine's monkey pants. I had intended to make one for each of the kids, but I think I threw away the scraps from E's pants. Perhaps it was when I also threw away the owner's manual to my sewing machine and serger!

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