Sunday, July 08, 2007

A whole lotta crafting has been happening, although there hasn't been much blogging. After finishing the kids' aprons, I made two yoga tops for me. The pattern is McCalls M4664, and it is super easy. It fits pretty well, although with swimming lessons, I haven't had a chance to test it in a yoga class.I have also sewn a few pairs of pajama bottoms. Another easy pattern and very popular around our house. The bottom pair is out of some thrifted material. I also made a yoga top from the piece of fabric which was only $1.

My niece's birthday required the making of a couple gifts. I knit her the Monica shirt from Knitty. Since it is the second one I have made, I had some modifications. I knit it in the round and I used longer straps which you can tie. I also made an apron and matching bag for her art supplies. A good gift I think.

My knitting has been a bit slow due to the sewing. I was able to knit and felt a bag. I have done quite a few bags, so I didn't really follow a pattern. Here is a picture of it drying. I like the size and shape. I am trying to decide if I want to line it and create a fastener.

Finally I started my first quilt. I am making it for a friend of a friend. She is amazingly strong during a very hard time in her life. I wanted to make something for her to remember her baby who just died. The pictures below are the pieces and the pieced quilt. I have finished hand-quilting the middle and machine quilting the border. I just need to sit down and do the binding. I think it will be finished today.

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  1. JustALittleBit_Me11:26 AM

    I *knew* that thrifted fabric was going to make a cute finished product! Awesome!

    I think the recipient is going to love that quilt. Before you send it, can we add some group love by passing it around a hugging circle? Sounds corny, but it just popped into my head that I will never meet her but I can still give her a hug through the quilt.