Friday, August 03, 2007

2 1/2

Happy Half-Birthday, Aine!! Oh, you are a delight!

In the past 6 months, your vocabulary has blossomed, and you are constantly chattering away. You can often be heard asking why or what are you doing. You love to sing songs - Twinkle, Twinkle and ABC's are your favorites. Sometimes it is even a combination of the two. You can also be heard making up songs. Whenever you hear music, you put a little shake in your step.

Doll babies are very special to you. You have several favorites, and you can often be seen carrying them around the house. You even asked mama to hold one and take her with us to the store. You make sure your babies are well cared for and even buckled in the van. Bow-baby is your favorite, but you also have Kailana and Carson. The names are not always applied to the same baby, but you always choose the same two names after the two babies in your life.

You have begun to climb trees with your brother. You follow him as he climbs into the tree laughing hilariously as you say, "Mama, I falling". You think it is quite fun to be swooped out of the tree. Your favorite activity is swimming. You leap into the water and kick with all your heart. You have no fear diving under to grab toys off the bottom of the pool. You are trying to figure out how to take a breath - once you do there is no stopping you, our little fish!

Eamon is your constant companion. When you wake in the morning, your first question is where he is. You follow him around the house and become quite upset when he slights you. He is not always kind to his little sister, and you will often make sure he is aware of his misdoings.

You also LOVE your daddy. You will run to him when he comes home from work. You want to sit by him at dinner and always ask him to read to you. You want him to hold and cuddle you all the time. You love his hugs and kisses.

Aine, you have decided mama has sloppy kisses. You and daddy giggle over this comment as your spurn such affection. Your are teaching mama how not to sloppy kiss.

With your quick comments and infectious smile, you light up our family with your presence. We are happy to have you and love everyday exploring together.

Have a happy happy 1/2 birthday!

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