Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cooler, Wetter Weather

On Sunday, we took a day trip to Flagstaff. We scoped out a hike that would be fun with the kids called the Veit Springs Trail. We set off with a bag to carry any special treasures that we might find. It was great, although we encountered a bit of rain. Eamon and Aine enjoyed picking up sticks, pine cones and pine needles. There were wildflowers on the path to stop and smell as well as many rocks to climb.We even managed to take a family photo.From the trail we headed into town stopping to look at a locomotive and a pick-up soccer game. The train was at the Pioneer Museum, and it was a huge hit.

We left the locomotive and drove by NAU. Eamon and Aine were impressed with the lumberjack outside the football stadium. As we drove through the city, it was raining. We spotted a beautiful rainbow which impressed Eamon and Aine.

Our last stop was at Granny's Closet for dinner and some climbing on the tractor outside the restaurant. It started to rain heavily as we headed out of town, and we were able to see some amazing lightning.

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  1. What wonderful pictures!!! Thanks for posting and sharing!