Sunday, February 03, 2008

3 Years Old

Happy, happy, birthday, dear Aine!

Today your are three years old. My how the time has flown. You refer to yourself as a big kid and often announce your new accomplishments with glee. You are always willing to try new things and astound us with your feats.

You love your doll babies and can often be found playing house with your brother. You are often the "big, huge sister" as opposed to your current role as little sister. You are very excited to become a big sister and talk about the new baby often.

You can climb and swing with the best of them. You amaze us with you agility and strength. You like to hang upside down on the bunk bed and flip yourself on our legs. You are trying to master hand over hand. Your tricycle and scooter are your favorite means of transportation in the backyard. You like racing around with your brother. You also enjoy climbing the Palo Verde tree in our yard. You can go very high and like to shout to the neighbors like a bird.

Right now you take Irish Dance. You LOVE it. I am not sure if it the social aspect or the dancing. You are mastering the skipping and like to prance about with your dancing. Inspired by Grandma Williams you also LOVE LOVE LOVE the chicken dance. It is unfortunate that we will miss your cousin Emily's wedding this year. I think you would thrill everyone with your rendition of the chicken dance.

Singing is also one of your talents. Your life currently has a soundtrack. You often break into song throughout the day and make up ditties to go with even the most mundane activity.

You have started to color and draw again. You stopped for a bit unsure of your abilities, but you have come back with a vengence. You are continually looking for a paper or art supplies to make all types of pictures. Playdough is also one of your favorite craft activities. You can mold and sculpt for hours.

As always you are a happy, bright kiddos who is a delight to your family and all who know you.

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