Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The other night, Aine joined me in the den for some sewing. She had a pair of scissors and thread. While cutting her thread, she remarked:

A: I need a tool
H: You have a tool. Scissors are tools.
A: No, I need a tool (said with more emphasis).
H: You have a spool. I need theis one for sewing the bags.
A: No, I need a TOOL to sit on (said with even greater emphasis)
H: Ah, you need a stool.
A: Yes, I said tool.


  1. I miss those conversations. So sweet.

  2. This prompted me to look up homophones in the dictionary as we have been using the word homonym... anyway they are related and have virtually the same meaning which is good to know since ya know we have been using it and all :)