Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mamas and Babies

Aine is fascinated by mamas and babies. She discusses them daily. If a child or young animal is seen, talk is often geared toward the missing mama. If she spots a woman, Aine asks where are the children and babies.

Today, we read a chapter in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane that brought Aine to tears. I was not expecting it. The passage involved the death of a little girl in the arms of her brother. Aine asked why the little boy wanted her to breathe. I explained that the little girl died. Aine layed down and sobbed. She sat back up, climbed on top of my and wept in my arms. She could not understand why the little girl had died, why there was no mother and how the little boy was left alone with a rotten dad.

We had to put the book down for later reading. She wanted to be held while we read a more light hearted book, The Mighty Pigeon Club.


  1. That's so moving Heather. I think it's amazing that she's reacting to text at such a young age. I think it's because you've enriched their lives with books and literacy. I have fourth graders that don't know how to react or ask questions. Kudos to you for exposing them to such awesome literature (Kate DiCamillo is one of my favorite authors) and for establishing a love of reading and compassion!!

  2. Again I say that my grandchildren have the best mom in the world! There dad isn't bad either. You two are giving your children such a sense of compassion and understand. GREAT job! Aine is such a little momma. Again, GREAT job!