Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Year

It is hard to believe that our baby is one year old. Benton is such a joy. He is a happy individual who smiles often. He enjoys walking and has been doing so since around 9.5 months. He enjoys carrots, black beans, pear, seaweed, rice chex and apples. He insists on being included in all that the family is doing. He loves the outdoors and has figured out how to open the screen doors. He climbs the play structures at the park and has even been found on the dining room table. Water is a favorite toy for Benton. The bathroom sinks have been favorites for him, and we have discovered him playing with the water while sitting in the sink. Benton also loves baths and will climb in with whomever is in the tub. He has begun signing milk and finished in addition to fan. His first sign was light and he giggles with delight when the light switch gets turned on. His big sister can still make him laugh, yet he is asserting his independence with her hugs and support. His brother will also get belly laughs from Benton and delights in sharing a room with him. Benton has begun saying "dada" and will fall asleep in his daddy's arms when tired. We are fortunate to have him and wish him a Happy Birthday!

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  1. I can add that all your children are very happy little people. Benton is a very sweet little guy as is his brother and his sister is a sweet little girl. You are very lucky to have Benton and Eamon and Aine. Your family is complete and you have been very blessed indeed.