Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Lake Beach

After visiting Assateague Island, the kiddos have wanted to visit a calm beach. We have talked about finding a spot on the ocean with quieter waves, tide pools and a plethora of shells. The primary wish for a calm beach was met when we visited Ludington, MI and swam in Lake Michigan. It was great fun to walk, run and swim in the lake. It is massive and felt like an ocean to the children. They were able to wade out away from shore and swim around the water. The sand was perfect for building castles. Benton enjoyed digging in the sand while Eamon and Aine explored the water. Benton was a bit more reserved when it came to the water. He was acclimated by the time we left and would hold onto Heather’s hand and swing through the water. We were all covered in sand and a desire to return the next day when we left.

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