Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saying Goodbye

We spent our last day here with friends at the park. It has been a wonderful experience in the Washington DC area. The kiddos have made some great friends and so have I. With these friends we have visited many of the local parks, picked blueberries, swam, and had oddles of fun. The homeschoolers here have welcomed us. Each one has made us feel at home. They have shared local events and must see activities. It was hard to say goodbye.

As we left the park each of the kiddos talked about the amazing people we have met. Eamon mentioned not only having friends among the kids, but also the moms. Aine realized how close she had become with the children and lamented running out of time to play at one friend's home. Even Benton talked about the friend he had at the park and the moms who fed him yummy snacks. We have been very fortunate.

As the car approached home, I realized we had left our rope at the park. It isn't just any rope, but a rope given to us by one of the families. It is a magical rope. Immediately there were calls to turn the car around and retrieve it. I really didn't want to drive back to the park, but I did. Our rope was still there hanging in the tree. I reached up and untied the knots bringing our link to these great people and this place home with us.


  1. I hope that your good bye will move you on to even happier times and places and more new friends. Maybe it'll just be au revoir and you'll return some time soon.

  2. good byes are so very hard.

  3. What an amazing adventure you all have had! And what a delight to be blessed with so many new friends and so many lovely memories.

    PS ... Let me know if you can swing by our place on your trip home ... we would love to visit :-)

  4. This summer will be one to remember for all of you! Thanks for sharing it with us all. Wishing you a safe ride back home and hours and hours of knitting and chatting about the wonderful adventures and people you met! :)

  5. what a great adventure you all had.

  6. It seems like you all just arrived a couple of weeks ago in DC. The time has certainly flown. Goodbyes are hard, that is the truth. Safe travels as you continue your journey.