Thursday, March 07, 2013

Snow Day

We were supposed to have accumulation. One last hurrah before the onset of spring and our return to Arizona. My kiddos were ecstatic. Eamon bounded out of bed early to check outside. No snow yet. Their afternoon gem class was cancelled; the library and all city offices were closed. Daddy even worked from home. Everyone was prepared for S N O W!

And snow is what we had throughout the day. Big, fluffy flakes of snow fell from the sky. We gathered on the balcony to snatch a few as they fell. We cuddled under blankets reading, drawing and watching movies. The kiddos dreamed of snowballs, snowmen and sledding. We watched to see how many inches we would have. Their spirits fell a bit as the snow quickly melted as soon as it hit the ground. They were hopeful. But no accumulation this time, just the beauty of watching it fall, which is sometimes enough for this desert crew.


  1. best of all worlds.....a snuggle inside day, a beautiful view, safety in traveling if you had to get out---and a reason to put on that new knit hat!!!!

  2. It still is pretty though.

    My sister in Ashburn told me this morning that her snow is all gone, but my sister in Paris is deep in snow. Funny how the weather can work.

  3. Winter wonderland - warm up with some hot chocolate...and head for Arizona (wish I could)Perfect day for your beautiful shawl!

  4. wow, so beautiful. must have been to wet for things to stick?

  5. ooh I love snow. It's amazing how those little cold snowflakes make me just as excited as a little kid when I see them and disrupt everything too. Ours has just been in fits and starts this year, nothing lingering. Love the sound of the blanket time together watching movies. Hope the weekend is just as cosy and homely.
    Have a good one