Friday, June 20, 2008

Always on Guard

Some people wonder why I question so many things. They wonder why I make the decisions I do for our family and my kiddos. Well, it is hard to trust when every other day I am told of another area where our family can be harmed. No one else is looking out for our well-being (government, FDA, etc).

I have tried very hard to eliminate all plastics from our kitchen - no IKEA plasticware for the kiddos, glass storage, etc. The playroom has been analyzed and many toys given to new homes in an attempt to remain plastic free and use more natural toys (blocks, cloth dolls, playsilks, etc). The whole house is cleaned with vinegar and baking soda. We really try to make it a safe place.

Then, I read this: Pacifier Guide

I recently bought a pacifier for Baby B. I had been using my little finger when he needed some additional soothing and did not want to nurse. It seemed like perhaps a pacifier would be a better choice. So much for that thought. Even on my worst day, my finger will not cause him as much damage as what is packaged at my local Target...

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