Thursday, November 11, 2010

They went in

to the pool. 

Aine asked earlier in the week to go swimming.  She would not be deterred.  So, today Eamon, Aine and Benton put on their swimming suits, and Dave and I took them to the pool.   All three waded in on the steps saying it was cold but oh so fun.  Then Aine plunged off the steps and into the water.  Her face froze with an open mouth gasp.  She quickly swam to the side and jumped out.  She said, "I thought I would need to be rescued.  It is so cold!"  Benton stayed on the steps.  Eamon jumped into the water to get one of Benton's shoes.  He only did it once.  The visit to the pool lasted under 20 minutes.  From there we headed to dry land to throw the ball, ride scooters/bikes and play hopscotch.

The high today was 69 degrees (overnight low 55).  Yeah, that water was cold!

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