Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Moving Right Along

I am not sure what happened this week. I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I think I must have used all my spare time to knit. Another project flew off my needles this week. Of course, in all fairness knitting for babies is quick and rewarding. I managed to start and finish the second pair of monster longies. A few of you asked me about the pattern. I did not make up the pattern. I probably could, since I have knit my fair share of shorties and longies during our days of cloth diapers. Instead I used the grumpybum pattern, which is available for free. I think they turned out well. I hope the recipient is pleased and her twins don't roast in them!
Monster Longies
A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a thread on Ravelry about the Jane Eyre movie and a shawl featured in a few scenes. Although I have not seen the movie or read the book recently, I was drawn into the conversation. I ended up following the thread and eventually volunteering to test knit a new pattern. The designer requested a technical edit for the fastest turnaround. I found a few additions to the pattern, and was rewarded with the pattern for free. I was eager to start, but wanted to finish my sweater and the pair of longies first. Now that my queue is clear, I am casting on for this shawl. I will start reading Jane Eyre to go along with my knitting as soon as I finish Coop.
Shawl for Ginny's Yarn Along


  1. Those Monster Longies are the cutiest thing I have seen in a long time! I really wish I had a reason to knit for a baby!

  2. I love the longies! Super job!

  3. Ah! Those monsters are soooo cute!! I suggested my daughter take off her grumpy pants this morning so these made me laugh!

  4. I think the monster longies are quite inventive! They did not have these when my kids were tiny.

  5. Very cute!!! Gus could use another pair if you're bored and need someone to knit another pair for... or Tracey could knit for him. LOL