Thursday, December 06, 2012

Not that hot

The other morning while Aine was off with her grandmother, the boys decided to test the swimming pool. They both determined that it would be warm enough to swim, since the daytime temperatures are in the 80s. Not so much. The water was cold. Each of them got into the water and then quickly got out. Benton waded on the seat for a bit, but soon grabbed his towel. It was much more fun to launch boats across the water to each other and watch GrandDad help scoot them across the big pond.


  1. those are some brave kids. lol i remember my first winter in AZ, my dad got me to jump in the pool TWICE! in december. lol it was coooooold!

  2. young members of the polar bear club!!! brrrrrr.

  3. Oh my -children are so brave. Our beach was covered in ice yesterday !

    1. They are. I am not. The water was cold to me! No ice, but cold! Stay warm