Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Art of Making: Ceramic Mugs

Last year, I noticed a fantastic gift idea floating around the interwebs. This year we decided to make it our own. The kiddos and I found some great white mugs in assorted sizes at the dollar store. The mugs were a collection of regular coffee cups and larger soup mugs. A friend suggested using Sharpie markers; she assured me that it had worked for her.

First the kiddos drew their images on paper plotting out what they would design on each mug. They each had ideas about what their recipient would like. Each cup was designed with that specific person in mind. There were tools, rainbows, a bike, holiday decorations, just initials and even Minecraft creepers. With a plenty pack of markers at the ready, the kiddos set to decorating. They decorated for over an hour creating their designs. A few mistakes were made which were easily corrected with a dab of rubbing alchohol.

The finished mugs were collected and placed into the toaster oven to bake. The baking set the inks after about 20 minutes. We noticed some of the colors changed, but it made it even more interesting to watch. Benton decided his mug would be his own. He could not be convinced to wrap it up for the intended giftee. So we headed out for a few more mugs and a repeat session. It was that much fun and so very easy!


  1. Thank you for this post Heather.
    I bought all the supplies to do the same thing with a collection of mugs I picked up here, but didn't know about baking them, now I will. :)

  2. it is so fun. the boys and fiona made some too. we didn't have any color changes, but i used a regular oven, although i did read that that could happen.

  3. If you were to do this in a regular oven (don't have a toaster oven) what temp and for how long? What a cool idea!!!

    1. we did it in a regular oven... 350 for 30 minutes

  4. we are doing this as a big family party next week. so fun!