Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Wet Weekend

This weekend was spent enjoying the water. Much of our last four days have been spent swimming, with most of that time spent with cousins. After a wonderful birthday celebration for my niece on Saturday, we were joined by my brother and his family again for Memorial Day. The kiddos swam and swam and swam. They have decided the pool is the best place to be. While her aunt was dealing with party prep, Aine helped her young cousin in the pool. We all laughed at the one year old kicking exuberantly while her older cousin supported her in the water. Eamon jumped and swam with another cousin, even carrying her on his shoulders. He later complained about his back and was given the suggestion that perhaps carrying your similarly aged cousin is not a great idea! Benton continued to work on his swimming. He can now cross the width of the pool without any problems. He found a few friends and spent much of his time underwater. Dave and I visited and watch all the antics from the dry pool deck. Perhaps when it gets into the 100s, I will jump in too.

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