Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend I had a chance to hear a good friend read a piece of her work at the annual Mothers Who Write Mother's Day reading. It was so refreshing to see her and listen to her story. It was also fantastic to hear the other authors read their work. Some pieces brought tears to my eyes, while others made me laugh. All made me think about this space and my own writing.

I haven't been writing at all during the last few weeks. Admittedly I am still a rabid list maker, but my mind has been cluttered with other thoughts and worry. During this time we have had adventures and celebrations - my oldest is now a bona fide double digit kiddo. I just haven't thought to document it or anything else. My mind usually flush with words, thoughts and ideas has been quiet. It has been consumed with the worries of buying a new home, redefining a few dreams and charting our family's course. As these thoughts seem to be falling into place a bit better over the past few days, I have realized how much I miss my journaling here. I am reminded of how this blog helps me focus on what I want for my family. It is a place to recall our life and the little things that bring us together.

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  1. i have missed your writings. hopefully when things get squared away a bit better you will be back here every few days. <3