Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Season has Begun

Swim season is in full swing around these parts. Most mornings, we head out to the local public pool for swim team and lessons.  Each of the kiddos is thriving in the water. With temperatures steadily in the mid 100s, the cool aqua water is a respite. The kiddos jump out of the car and into the water eagerly. After the first day Eamon remarked that he had forgotten how much he likes swim team. He is working on improving his form and has gotten quite good at freestyle. Aine is busy working on her entry dive and perfecting her strokes too. She did have one morning when she was ill and missed swim team. I asked if she was truly ill or needed a break. She soon realized sitting in the heat with mama was not as fun as swimming and hasn't needed a break again. While the older two are swimming, Benton patiently awaits his lesson splashing in the shallow water. He has mastered breath control and can swim the width of the pool. Next year all three want to swim together and are even talking about the diving team too.

After a full morning of swimming, we head home for some lunch and cool air conditioning. After some food and a bit of play, talk returns to the pool. In the short time we have lived here, we have already ridden our bikes to meet up with friends at the pool. This is no small task in the heat, but fortunately we live very near the pool. At the end of each week, we also have headed out to swim with more friends, jump off the high diving boards, and zoom down the slides in the zero entry area. If I cannot swim myself during all the pool time, I sit and read or knit. With the smell of chlorine and sunscreen filling the air, I can relax knowing my kiddos are nearby improving their swimming skills and enjoying the season. This is the best way we know to survive the summer in the desert - with lots of water time.


  1. So glad you are settling into your new home and new neighborhood. Sitting by the pool is just as fun as being in the pool. However you can't knit while in the pool!

  2. Oh yes, I think if I had access to a pool I would be in it all the time.
    My mother talks all the time about moving back to AZ and the heat, she loves it. Me? I want someplace cold.