Monday, June 24, 2013

Time Together

The weekend was full of more organizing and straightening but also plenty of fun.
*Eamon and Aine had their first swimming meet. They each received ribbons and enjoyed the whole process. It was a bit warm for the observers, but we stayed cool with watermelon and of course,  legos packed in swimming trunks (who doesn't pack this way?)
*The whole family headed out for a concert at the library on Saturday. We turned out to listen to the rocking sounds of Harry and the Potters. It was a lot of fun to join our friends for the event and meet beforehand for more watermelon and roasted corn. The kiddos took photos dressed in Potter garb, picked buttons from a sorting hat, and listened to Potter inspired tunes. It was a bit loud for the adults as one speaker was acting up, but the band put on a great show full of zany showmanship! Later the adults enjoyed reading up on the performers and their pursuit of a dream.
*I met a few of my long time mama friends for dinner. It was so good to see them. We talk online, but in person is always a bit better. These women helped me through those early years of mamahood. Good food and even better conversation made for a great night.
*Another Craigslist find was tracked down to complete the seating arrangement in the main living space. We like it thus far and are plotting a family art piece for the wall. I will keep everyone posted on how that turns out.
*Legos, legos and more legos were sorted to transform the main bin into a colorful array. Eamon and I decided we needed a new storage solution and think we may have found it. With the help of Trofast frames and bins from IKEA, we now have the legos available for play and a bit more organized. This process led to so many LEGO creations around the house. New spaceships, Hero Factory folks, and playscapes were made. Each of the kiddos spent hours building, which makes me glad I spent hours sorting!
*Lots of drawing comprised the days too. Aine loves to create art and has been working on a few new pieces. She is working to perfect her portraits. Many books clutter the table as all three sketch, color and create.
*From the comfort of our new home, we viewed the supermoon and fireworks at the nearby ball field. Each of us marveled at the size of the moon and the wispy clouds that covered it. We talked about how close the moon was and that it is called a perigee full moon.
*The lawn was mowed, edged and the water timer was adjusted. It turns out that part of our plants are dying, because the landscaping company that maintained the yard previously didn't program the timer correctly. That has been fixed, so hopefully the plants thrive now.
*Dave and I moved things around in the garage and talked about our plans for that space and the adjacent lab space. Much more needs to be done, but it was a start.
*The last of the boxes were emptied and piles were made for Goodwill, Craigslist and friends. We are hoping this week finds the house finally all in order. Phew - what a process.


  1. All great stuff, Heather - loving the lego and the harry Potters. We didn't see the supermoon as it rained all night :(


  2. Great post!! I love the name "Harry and the Potters" how fun!! I also love that you were able to get together with some old friends. Nothing like being surrounded by those who help us through each day!!

    Miss you guys! Looks like things are coming along nicely.