Friday, July 05, 2013

Location, location, location

Our new home is the perfect location for Fourth of July festivities. Fireworks colored the sky right above our house. The kiddos loved it. We didn't have to go anywhere. With a blanket spread across the ground, we mingled with neighbors, wore glow sticks and enjoyed family. Next year I think a big BBQ is on the agenda.

*Photo credit shared with Eamon and Aine.


  1. that is so great. we did fireworks last weekend at my folk's house. we got to sit in the front yard and watch, so much fun!

  2. oh yay! oh exciting!

  3. What amazing photographs Heather...I love the light trails. Looks like a perfect evening but love the plans for next year too.
    Have a lovely holiday weekend

  4. how cool!!!!! we have a "home" to watch them too, kind's my in-laws house which is across town from us and they are just down the street from the fireworks. It's fun to be so close.

  5. I'd say you did have the perfect spot with comfort facilities!!! What could be better? The photos are fantastic!

  6. lucky you! we have a close spot to watch them too. i can not imagine fighting crowds!