Monday, July 22, 2013


It doesn't rain here often, and when it does we celebrate. This weekend brought quite a big thunderstorm and downpour. On Sunday morning, the kiddos and I headed out into the rain and splashed in the puddles, ran through the water and generally enjoyed the change in weather. When the annual precipitation is less than 10 inches, you must soak it all in. With the rain came a drop in temperature, so Dave opened the windows throughout the house. Somehow 83 degrees seemed cool. It was nice to get a bit of fresh air inside and a bit of moisture in this dry land. Is it wrong to hope for more?
(and yes, the dirt photos that look like a vacant lot are of our backyard--ripe for gardens, treeless treehouse and chickens. In due time.)


  1. NO! not wrong to hope. i am keeping my fingers crossed that last week was not all the monsoon we will get. sunday's rain was freakin' AWESOME! and for some reason we were the only people on the block out playing in it!

  2. hey, i can sympathize! we live in arkansas, and summers here usually mean maaaaybe an inch of rain for the whole season. but for some reason this year, we're getting regular rain storms every couple weeks. SO nice to have green grass instead of yellow, crunchy grass! rain in july? miracles really do happen! ; )