Monday, August 05, 2013

A Return

It was a weekend of being home, full of games, reading, knitting, blog design, book groups, minecrafting and more. After the initial disappointment of not getting Minecon tickets, we rallied. Instead of a road trip to Florida with friends, Dave and I began the initial planning of a trip to visit Michigan in November. It has been years since we celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, so we decided this year was theirs. We mapped out our route, narrowed down the dates, and gathered input from the kiddos on what they want to do. 

With 100 or so days to departure I also relaunched my health plan. I have been very lax about my diet and as a result have felt sluggish. The heat has been too easy of an excuse not to go running in the morning or exercise at all. For the next 100 days, I am back on track. Back to our normal diet and a revamped exercise routine. Dave is headed back to the gym too. We know we will feel better after this return to healthy living and hopefully look better too!


  1. Good for you Heather in taking charge of your health. I am on the same path as you and while it's not easy, I am going to stay strong. I've been eating way too many things that I know make me feel lousy so am trying very hard to do better.
    How nice that you have a family holiday to look forward to, it should be amazing.

  2. well, i think you look fabulous either way. but feeling better is always a good thing. :)
    and yeah on the holiday in november. fun!