Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mail Bag

There have been a few little things in the mail lately to make me smile. Although most of my correspondence these days consists of email, I cherish a handwritten note. I tried sending a letter a week last year and made it to April. That exercise reminded me that a handwritten note is a delightful way to keep in touch. Monthly I try to send out postcards and letters to friends near and far. It happens more often when I think someone needs a little lift. Lately I have been receiving a few replies too.

A month or so ago, KC of Olive and Owl mentioned a postcard exchange on her blog. I received a delightful card from New Zealand and mailed one to Colorado as well as a stack to other friends. To my surprise I received a return note from the woman in Colorado. I think I have a new penpal. I am so glad KC did this project. I was a treat to connect with another person. 

The kiddos received a stack of postcards over two days. My mom recently traveled with a few of her childhood friends to Albuquerque. She usually sends the kiddos a little bit of mail when she travels alone or with my dad. This time she did not disappoint. The kiddos were quite enamored with their postcards. Benton especially loved his, which depicted a wall of cattle skulls.  We talked about incorporating the idea into the backyard somehow. He is ecstatic about the possibilities and the finding of the skulls.
The final piece of mail was a new bag. I happened upon the Wee Whimsicals blog a few weeks ago  and entered her contest. The prize was a bag of my choice. I snatched up this gorgeous blue one. It is perfect for a bit of knitting as well as my wallet, notebook, and phone.

I wonder with all the electronic correspondence of today what will remain for future generations to study. I have a few of the letters my grandmother wrote me as well as a bit of correspondence between my mother and grandmother. There are also letters from my paternal grandmother around my birth. She includes the mundane details of her day as well as neighborhood gossip. I really cherish these snippets from years ago. I hope I leave a bit of myself for my kiddos to have as well as this blog that captures a bit of the mundane as well as exciting.


  1. How wonderful to have little pieces of your history in the form of letters. I have letters from my Granny that I still cherish.
    I am not a fan of email at all. I know it's quick and the way of today, but I think there is something lost when we fail to sit down with paper and pen, putting our thoughts down and our hearts.

  2. since my parents have been gone for almost a month, they have been sending us weekly postcards (one for each of the kids) and it is so fun to get mail and not just bills and fliers.
    some of the fabric on that bag (the blue circles) is stuff i have! i made fiona a skirt with some of it. :)

  3. Mail is wonderful.
    How fun to have a CO penpal from KC's exchange!

  4. the lost art of writing......i'm as guilty as the next, but I am a postcard sender!!! and everyone who gets one seems to really appreciate it. Love the handwritten something to someone weekly. I doubt I could keep up with that as well as you did, but I might give it a try!

  5. how lucky you won something and I love the bag you picked out! I agree with others that writing is a lot art for snail mail and yet we all love to receive it!!

  6. what great stuff!