Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 1/2

Benton is five and a half today. It has been a milestone not as eagerly anticipated as some. He is too busy to be caught up in such matters. Perhaps it is due to the lack of cakes for such celebrations this year or perhaps it is his growing maturity. Benton is a delight to his family. His positive outlook and pleasure in his world are contagious. Each day is new and exciting to him. Often you will hear him quip, "Dis is the best day ever." He is genuinely happy with his life and sees magic in so many things.

Benton continues to love all things construction. He knows he cannot currently have his own crane or front loader, but that doesn't keep him from coveting them. He will often stop what he is doing to watch big machinery move about in the neighborhood - whether it is the large mower in the park or a truck delivering piles of landscaping rock. He will work a shovel like no one else in the family making sure he does his part. Of course he will also climb and play all over the large pile of mulch in the driveway exclaiming that it is "awesome" while you are trying to shovel the pile.

Benton has begun to assert his own voice these past few months as well. He no longer is willing to follow his siblings or be cajoled by them. He has his own ideas and views. Don't mess with his time on the computer! He is learning how to handle frustration and use his words with the taller people in the house. It isn't easy, but he is working hard on it. He also is finding his voice with others. The other night he approached a man in the park who was doing poi. The young man let him swing his illuminated poi and answered Benton's questions.

Benton still loves to be cuddled and will often climb up onto your lap for books. Most nights he is quite independent, but sometimes he just needs his mama or daddy to lay down with him. He loves his sister and brother and fills our home with his genuine infectious laugh. We do love him deeply and celebrate his time with us.

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