Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweater Season

It began a few years ago when I joined a summer sweater knit-along. Truly the whole premise defies logic. It is hot during the summer. It should be the time for lightweight knitting - socks, tanks, wraps. It isn't the time to knit sweaters, let alone wool sweaters. That first summer I knit three sweaters - Shalom, February Lady Sweater and Frances Revisited. I loved welcoming fall with new wool garments. Since then I have noticed I tend to crank out sweaters in the warmer months(Modern Garden Cardi and Que Sera last year). This year is no exception.
This summer began with my Camp Cod sweater. My first foray into the world of cotton garment knitting. I really liked the result. I thought cotton and linen might be good choices for me here in the desert, but then I catalogued my yarn. It was a bit disconcerting. I have a whole lot of wool and quite a few sweater quantities of the stuff. So, I made a plan to knit those sweaters.

Next off the needles was a Nanook. This sweater was actually started last summer, but for some reason I never made it past the initial cast-on. The yarn for Nanook was bought a year or two ago, and I thought I had enough. I remained in denial until that last skein reached its end yet the end of the sweater was still a ways off. Luckily a fellow knitter on Ravelry came to my rescue. With that additional skein, I was able to finish the cardigan. I love the result. It hits well and is rather elegant in its simplicity. I am hoping I can wear it when we visit colder climes this fall and winter.
While I waited for the final skein for Nanook, I cast on a quick knit. Mud Season caught my eye, when it was first published, for its simplicity, and the fact it was free. Coupled with some Cascade Ecological wool I scooped up on clearance from Webs, it seemed like the next logical knit. I am going to make the sweater short sleeved as instructed, and I hope it will work well here with our mild winters. It is zipping along which is good, because I have plans for a couple more sweaters. I have yarn for at least four more adult sweaters and a couple for the kiddos. (They are starting to give me looks for all the mama knitting I am doing). In the queue are Umbrellas, Paper Dolls, Tea Leaves and Narrangesett as well as Bulle and a newborn Vertebrae. That should keep me busy for quite a long time.


  1. that is a great list of sweaters. i really like the Narrangesett, that looks like a beautiful sweater.

  2. wow, I am impressed at your warm weather knitting, I love this cardi, so pretty!

  3. Love that Nanook! You are cranking them out - keep it up :)

  4. nanook is one of the sweaters I'd love to start. Yours is beautiful!!

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Other than the red cotton-ease, I don't have adult sweater quantities of any yarn. Right now I wish I did so I could be sweatering along with you.