Saturday, November 02, 2013

Without Wheels

For over two weeks now, our little family has been without a vehicle. We used our bikes more, took the light rail and depended quite a bit on others. Friends let us borrow their car and van, so we could easily attend services for my dad and get to a gardening class. We carpooled to park days filling up a minivan with scooters and kiddos. A trip to the farmer's market also involved a load of six kiddos and a back filled with produce. We have forgotten the lock to our bikes and been greeted with the generosity of a security guard at the grocery store who let us wheel our bikes inside. We discovered the library is so very close, although the number of books we can check out is limited again to what we can carry. Last minute Halloween costume prep was easily accomplished after a quick ride to the local, family run, fun shop. We know we can take the light rail and a bus to meet Grandma for a play without any trouble. Although we have had to change a bit of what we do day to day, our legs are stronger and our knowledge of our new neighborhood is better. I foresee weekly car-free days in our future.

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  1. so nice when things are close by. i wish all parts of the city were set up like that. and it is great to have such helpful friends. <3