Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I awaken early by nature. I love those quiet times of the day. It is my alone time for list making, day planning, reading and knitting a bit. It is also my time for exercise. I was running most days, but a bout with plantar fasciitis has slowed me to walking now. I love my time walking through the neighborhood. I greet neighbors I see or just revel in being alone. My route is between three and four miles, which takes around 45 minutes, just the perfect amount of time for exercise. When I return home I am greeted with hugs and reports on breakfast. Although I often consider staying home and using those minutes for something else, I know I will regret the decision. That early morning outing refuels me and helps me remain centered throughout the day.

** I am working my way through November with prompts from write alm. Join me won't you.


  1. fun prompts. i wish i was more of a writer.
    for awhile there i was rising early, it was so wonderful to have a bit of time to myself. now i barely get up before the kidlets are rising and i fall into bed around the same time they do. hardly a spare minute.

  2. I love being a morning person too :)

  3. i am not a morning person by nature but i've learned to be, there are so many rewards from quiet to seeing the day dawn new.