Tuesday, December 03, 2013


I am surprised to find out how hard it is to carve out time for this space. How the more I am away, the harder it is to return. October was a blur and sped quickly into November. We were gone for three weeks in November visiting family and friends in Michigan and Ohio. I wrote several posts, but somehow they never saw the light. Now we find ourselves in December with the year end quickly approaching. And I realize I need to write here. Actually I want to write here and keep a record of our lives, but it is tough to return. So, over the next few days I will try to get those posts from November to upload and move forward with the everyday magic of our lives.

(These are photos from our return to Arizona last weekend. We drove back to Arizona right after Thanksgiving. After a too quick stop in Nebraska to visit two of my uncles, we sped home. We encountered a bit of snow and even dense fog, but the driving was rather easy (or so it seemed - Dave does all of the driving while I knit and entertain). Utah was especially beautiful with snow and frost covering the trees. It made the whole landscape look a bit like underwater coral.)

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