Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just like Last Year

Heather's house
Eamon's house

Aine's house

Benton's house

Our annual gingerbread house decorating went off without a hitch. This year we assembled all sorts of candies and returned to using graham crackers. The kiddos really prefer the open-ended quality of graham crackers. They each requested that we skip the kit this year. Each of us decorated our own house. I went with the traditional look, while each of the kiddos did their own thing. The houses lasted a few more days than last time. This year each of the kiddos ate their own house and they split mine. No more Benton-zilla this time.

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  1. This past Christmas was the first year we didn't decorate gingerbread houses, I couldn't convince Alex [my 16 year old] to do it. It's nice to see the one's y'all did they look wonderful.