Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Tree

A few years ago, we discovered that Costco sells trees. It was rather by accident. We were picking a few things up from the store, when Aine discovered the truck and signage. This year we decided not to cut our own tree and rely on our local warehouse store again. After attending a winter festival at the local Waldorf school, we went in search of our tree. I ran into the store and paid while Dave and the kiddos scoped out the situation. (Truly there is little picking when shopping at Costco; all the trees are the same, wrapped in twine and standing on end. I don't really mind as I believe most trees are very similar when they come from a farm.) They selected one, and we strapped it onto the car. Our holiday season had begun.

With music setting the mood, I dug out the ornament bins. Each of the kiddos examined their own bin filled with their special ornaments, oohing and ahhing as they remembered each one. With Benton's expert help, Dave strung the lights and our beaded garland. Quickly the tree was filled with ornaments. Every spare limb was decorated with plans to add more as the crafting continues this holiday season. I placed hangers on the remaining ornaments as the kiddos' interest waned. They soon ran outside to play. Initially I was annoyed that I was left with the work until Dave reminded me of how much I love having a tree and the holiday season. I love the music, the spirit and the family. My mood shifted as I continued to fill the remaining spots on the tree and hang the stockings throughout the house. It is in the letting go of my preconceived notions of how things should work that I find my happiness.

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