Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Art

In our family room there is a large wall uninterrupted by windows or doors. Our couch is along this wall as well as the kiddos' computer. When we bought the house, Dave and I talked about what to do with this big canvas. Inspired by one of my friend's art pieces, Dave suggested flattery by imitation. We decided to create a piece of art comprised of five canvases, one for each of us.

With a list in hand, Dave and I spent a date night selecting canvases and colors. Neither of us are artists, so we asked my friend for help with materials. It took a long time selecting a palette of colors for everyone to use. I wasn't sure I liked the choices and knew they wouldn't really work with our red rug. Dave assured me it would be fine. I reminded myself that if I hated the outcome, the canvases could be changed.

Aine and Benton were the first to start their paintings. Both had ideas from the beginning. Aine used shapes and color blending for hers, focusing on green, yellow and turquoise. Benton went with a more hands-on approach. He would paint and then use his hands to further move and blend the paint. Only once he had to be cautioned against making a mud colored picture. Dave used tape to achieve his look. He vacillated quite a bit on whether or not his work was done. Eamon needed a bigger space, so he moved to the driveway. He drizzled and splattered paint letting the process move his whole body. My canvas was a challenge. I started with the turquoise and loved it. Then I added red, and it looked a bit like crime scene art. While in our lab space, I spotted a few doilies from my great aunts and great grandmother. I repainted the turquoise and used the doilies dipped in a darker blue to stamp the canvas.

Once finished the canvases sat on the back edge of the couch. I would change their order every few days. Finally satisfied with the look, Dave hung the artwork this weekend. It is nice to have the project finished. We have quizzed our guests when they comment on the painting. Most can guess each artist with only minimal help. With all this help, can you?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! I'm guessing... Dave, then Aine, then Eamon, then yours, followed by Benton <3 All are awesome and make such a fabulous statement!

  2. Okay...I finally found it, FINALLY! I've been wondering for over a year now since moving into our new home exactly what to do above our sofa that is against a large wall with no windows!

    I found it! Love it much!