Monday, July 14, 2014

Swimming...and Diving

Last week marked the end of the recreational swim team season. This year in addition to swimming, Eamon and Aine decided they wanted to try out dive team. Four days a week for the past six weeks, Eamon, Aine and I have hung out for two hours at the pool. Twice a week, the whole family has traveled to meets. We didn't miss a day or a meet. They have loved every minute of it.
Now old enough, Benton was very excited to try both teams. After only a few minutes of dive team, Benton decided that he didn't want to do either team! I am not sure what happened, but he chose to stay home with Daddy. Eamon also made a change this year, deciding to skip swim team. He would sit with me poolside waiting for dive team practice. We would talk at length about video games or whatever he wanted to share, while lounging on towels or in camp chairs. Occasionally we would both read.
Aine did well on swim team. Her final meet was full of second and third place ribbons. She swam with stronger kiddos and excelled. Both kiddos loved dive team. Eamon can now do front and back flips as well as some basic dives. He is still working on his pike and tuck dives. Aine has a beautiful back dive as well as front dive. She can do a front flip, but is a bit nervous after seeing a teammate hit his head on the board in a meet warm-up.
Both kiddos enjoy swimming but really want more diving. On our off times, we have visited the public pool to practice a lot. They are impressed that even their mama can do a back dive. Benton enjoys these outings too and can now dive forward and back. We are looking into a club for the kiddos to continue swimming in the off season, but haven't made a decision on it yet. Until then you might not find us at the pool every morning as we had been, but we will be there most afternoons on the diving board.


  1. what a great way to spend a hot summer! and kudos to you mama, for showing them how it's done ;-)

  2. I can't believe how much they've grown since I saw them in November! You'll need to send me some videos of them diving!! I'm super impressed!! XOXO