Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Competitive Side

I have been furiously knitting this year inspired by a contest called the Yarnathon at Eat Sleep Knit. I have purchased on and off from ESK, but this year I am spending my whole yarn budget there. I am not planning on finishing the yarnthon (a marathon with yarn), but I love the added features this year. There are 12 KALs (knit alongs) to go along with the contest, which I love! There are also badges for knitting achievements like casting on over 400 stitches, knitting while binging watching a show, alternating skeins of yarn in a project, crocheting, spinning, and a whole host of other challenges. So far I have completed nine of the KALs and am well on my way to a tenth. I also have enough badges to reach silver status this month. It is all crazy fun, and this program touched on my competitive side dragging me out of my knitting slump. I love it.

The tenth KAL for me is a sweater free for all. I left it toward the end, because it seemed like a bigger project. Despite the oppressive heat of summer, I find I enjoy knitting sweaters at this time of year. I think it gives me hope that cooler temperatures will return some time in the future. A little bit of summer dreaming for me. I decided to knit the Naima sweater in Cascade 220. I love the pattern thus far. There are design elements to keep it interesting. I am currently finished with the body shaping and moving onto some short rows. I look forward to the pocket lining which incorporates a bit of color work. It feels like I am more than halfway through the garment, but I know the sleeves still remain. 
I took the sweater camping with me and was able to make a bit of progress on the drive. I appreciate all the stockinette, because I can usually read too. While sitting on the dock watching Dave and the kiddos kayak, I alternated between knitting and reading The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion. The book is nothing new, but is a great reminder of what I already know. I had a lot of should in my life, which I am gradually shedding in place of my truths. I appreciate the author's recognition that one still needs to have shelter and eat, so incorporating must into your life doesn't have to be all or nothing. The idea that sometimes a job/career/employment allows you to pursue your must is very true for me. The book is more of a journal and is visually appealing utilizing color, art, and font for emphasis. I would recommend it.

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