Monday, March 03, 2008

At Long Last

For our seventh anniversary last year, I decided to make Dave a pair of wool socks (the gift for 7 years can be wool). I finished one sock, but ran into some difficulties. I broke a few needles, and I caught "second sock syndrome." I was able to acquire new needles, but the sock languished. Finally with our 8th anniversary on the horizon I finished the pair. The socks have been given to the recipient and are FINISHED.
The socks are made from Colinette Jitterbug in the Copperbeach colorway. It is the basic pattern that came with the yarn.

PHEW! Anybody know what the gift for 8 years is?


  1. Second sock syndrome..teehee!. I sometimes get "project finishing syndrome"
    For 8th traditional is bronze/pottery and modern is lace. Can you tell I've been around that block before?
    I really want to see them on him though.

  2. He did wear them yesterday, but he seemed a little taken aback when I suggested a photo shoot

  3. Dave just needs to post a blog about his socks with a picture...