Saturday, March 08, 2008

Children and Praise

I am a fan of Alfie Kohn and his work. He has written several books which I have read. I agree with his article Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good-Job!" Recently the same topic was discussed on a blog I read as a result of an article in New York magazine. I have noticed that my son has recently begun saying, "good Job" to his siter or anyone else for that matter. It is a bit unnerving as he just says it by rote. We don't say it to him in this manner, so I am wondering where he picked it up.


  1. ECW749:04 AM

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  3. Alfie Kohn is definitely an interesting person. I actually saw him speak at EMU when I was in college. He came to speak to the College of Education. He has a lot of wonderful books. One of my favorite is called, "Punished by Rewards." He also has one called "What to Look for in a Classroom" and the best part talks about the Book-It pizza program and how it makes fat kids hate to read. LOL.

  4. i have been so aware of the "good job" thing that even though i feel i very rarely praise, i have caught myself saying it! if nothing else, the discussion has me *very* aware of what i'm saying to my own children at home and to the kids in my art class.

    i'm very intrigued by the no-shampoo method .. i may have to try that! :^)