Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Tripping - Jerome and Flagstaff

My tribe is comprised of some amazing women. Some women I have known and loved for 8 years. Some who may not even know they are part of such a thing. Without these people, I am not sure I would be the mother I am. The vary in their lives, but they all are important to me.

My tribe started when a group of women met online and then in person. This core group continues to meet although not as often. Our weekly playdates have morphed into more sporadic meetings as children grow up, some pursuing school while others kept at home. Despite the infrequency, our time together is special. Las week, we planned to visit one of our group that had moved to Flagstaff. She was moving into a new home and needed her friends to help infuse it with their friendship and make a little soap.

Three of the moms caravanned northward a day earlier to explore a bit of our state. With nine children between two cars, we made our first stop at Montezuma's Castle. Everyone bounded out of the cars to explore. The children earned their junior ranger badges canvassing the place answering a whole host of questions about the monument. The kiddos and I talked a lot about how the Sinagua built this castle and what their lives must have been like.

From Montezuma's Castle, we headed to Jerome, an old mining town and former ghost town. Our family had visited here with Pap, but the kiddos did not remember it well. We roamed the streets, ate lunch and played sandwich on a neighborhood playground.

We drove through the winding streets of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. The weather was cool and the views marvelous. We slept in Flagstaff after a quick dip in the heated pool.

Soap was on the agenda in Flagstaff.  The kiddos fell into a comfortable groove with each other despite the time between their last meeting. They read, played card games, roamed the yard and visited the neighborhood skate park to run in "the pool pits." It was so nice to be up in the pines with friends. Everyone was so tired when we journeyed home falling asleep before we had even left the city limits.


  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    What a fun adventure! I always fall in love with the desert when viewed through others' eyes. Sadly, I wilt when my own are involved. Thanks for giving me a painless chance to visit the castle!

  2. It is definitely hot here. Fortunately Jerome and Flagstaff were much cooler than our home.

  3. I can't even imagine my life without the wonderful women (and men and kids!) that I have met through Tribe. We are so lucky.