Friday, July 01, 2011

The Trouble with Summer

Our family utilizes the town's park and rec department a lot. We use rooms at our local community center for Girl Scouts and homeschooling activities. We love our local neighborhood parks as well as the swimming pools. Eamon and Aine take swimming lessons as well as participate in swim team. All of the children have taken art or movement classes through the city. Dave and I have taken classes ranging from karate to yoga to sculling, kayaking and rowing. We really think our city has a lot to offer to its residents.

Our frustration is the trouble we have enrolling in courses during the summer. Eamon really wanted to continue his study of ceramics. He took a class a year ago that dealt mostly with handbuilding. He loved it. He eagerly waited for the time when he would be able to use the potter's wheel. He finally reached the right age this summer, but the class filled. Although we were on the waitlist, a spot did not open.

I decided we could still experience clay at home. I had a large block of clay from a pinch pot making exercise we did a few years ago. I pulled out the box of clay and let each of the kids explore. Eamon took the role of teacher explaining how to use each tool and various techniques. Aine made a few furniture pieces for her Playmobil people and dollhouse. Eamon replicated a city from his imagination influenced by Percy Jackson.  Benton roamed back and forth rolling out clay and putting it together.

Although Eamon has to wait to take his next pottery class, I think he relished the role of teacher and resident expert.


  1. Great pictures!! Looks like they had a good time... do they offer classes in the fall? Maybe he can get lots of practice time at home and be ahead of the game in the fall! :) Do you have a kiln? Do you just use the oven to bake it? Also- I wonder if a local create your own pottery place offers classes.

  2. wonderful! there is no stopping creativity!

  3. I love it! Teaching may be in Eamon's future, he looks like he is realy very good at it.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! Our art center is now finally offering wheel classes to kids. My son has been waiting patiently for this, too.