Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fingers and Cotton Swabs

Benton loves to paint. He often pulls out the watercolors to create masterpieces. I decided to mix things up a bit with his work. I gave him a handful of cotton swabs and a palette of fingerpaints today. He set to work. He used his hands to make large prints. He explored the cotton swabs using them to make dots as well as lines. He dragged his fingernails through the paint to create texture. He created new colors by mixing the paints. He was ecstatic with the results.

Each of these he has done in the past, yet each time it is a new experience. I sometimes forget that although our family has done certain projects each of my children may not have had the experience. I find that Benton is often exposed to older child activities. I sometimes forget that he needs some preschool age experiences as well. This summer we will be revisiting a lot of our old activities to make sure everyone in the family has a chance to experience such wonder.


  1. Love it! He seems so pleased with his masterpieces.

  2. this is how i feel about children's books - so many i read aloud when the kids were too young to remember them, or one remembered and one didn't. we're revisiting many stories, and i find myself enjoying them even more the second (or third) time around.