Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night Life

 Our local garden hosts flashlight tours during the summer. We have thought about going in previous years, but the heat and age of the kiddos had deterred us. This year armed with friends, we experienced the gardens at night.
The experience was great, although it was hot (107 degrees when we started). The docents and volunteers staff tables along the path. These experts spend a lot of time with the visitors explaining various parts of the desert. Their enthusiasm was wonderful.

We listened for toads by the pond paying particular attention to the Woodhouse Toad which sounds like a crying baby. We spotted Bullfrog tadpoles and listened to a discussion about this invasive species and its disruption of the natural circle. We learned about owls and bats. There were scorpions to illuminate and night flowers to discover. Aine spent quite a bit of time with the desert tortoise learning about its adaptations and behavior. She also was fascinated by the agave table. She spent much of the evening spotting the specimen throughout the gardens.
Benton was intrigued by the lizards and snakes. He spent quite a bit of time watching one that we found along the path. It was a Kingsnake.
Eamon ran from station to station. He eagerly listened to the docents and asked quite a few questions. He also enjoyed having his friends with him.

We left the garden with tired kiddos. Two fell asleep before we arrived home. It was an evening well spent.


  1. How awesome!!! Incredible that a King Snake was just out and about while you were walking... I think it'd freak me out!!! I've always wanted to do the black-light thing with scorpions... very cool!! And 107 to start? That's some crazy heat!!! Glad you all had fun though and I love the pictures!!!

  2. Oh, I am sorry we missed it! My guys love the flashlight tours. Although it is getting hot!

  3. very cool! sounds like great fun and an awesome way to get to know the desert critters