Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Chef

The other day Eamon wanted to make something in the kitchen. We talked about a few options and then decided on pretzels. He gathered his ingredients and set to work. Eamon mixed and kneaded. He made two batches, so there was plenty to share with his sister and brother. 
Everyone set to work creating pretzel masterpieces. They shared a bit of dough with me as well. We rolled out snakes of dough and coiled them into pretzels. The most fun was creating free form pretzels. Eamon crafted a trident, a train and a few traditional pretzels. Aine made a flower, the letter "A" and some twists. Benton made pretzels snakes and balls.

Everyone watched patiently as they cooked. Eamon presented everyone with a quick snack of pretzels. Delicious!
Eamon used a recipe we had tried a few years ago. Eamon and Aine enjoyed looking at this old blog post. They couldn't believe they were that little.


  1. Almost five years ago-- CRAZY!!! Thanks for posting new pics of the kids... I love seeing them!!

  2. They all look great. I love free form pretzels! :) And your littles all are adorable.

  3. How fun! I haven't made pretzles in years so I think I'll have the wee one here make some. Thanks so much for sharing.