Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where I've Been

We have been busy. For some reason our summer became a busier time for everyone. I have been driving all over town. The weather is hot and will stay that way for a quite a few more months. I decided that the best strategy for staying cool in temperatures hovering around 110 degrees all summer is to find water.

Eamon and Aine are swimming for the city swim team. They absolutely love it. Weekdays are spent practicing and honing their skills. They are eager to begin the day with the water. While the others swim, Benton enjoys his time with mama without the interruptions of siblings. He did not want to pursue lessons yet. He prefers swimming in our neighborhood pool flinging his body off the side and swimming to whomever will catch him.
All of our Saturdays are spent at swim meets. We moved to the indoor pool this year, and it has really helped. No more cold water in the early mornings to discourage practice. Each of the enjoy the meets. They collect their ribbons with pride. This week Eamon noted his ribbons place was lower than the week prior. We took a look at his times, and he noted that he is swimming faster with each meet. Although they may not place as high, they are swimming personal bests each week. They were both excited about this prospect. 

Waiting for the rankings to be posted.
Dave helps out with timing at the meets. The meets are supported by the help of volunteers. Fortunately he can help as others seem reluctant.

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