Thursday, August 04, 2011

They're Experts

While waiting for Grandpa to meet us, we visited a park near his home. After conquering the play structure, the kids immediately started climbing the adjacent large trees. They were excited to find large lush trees ready for their attempts. Eamon immediately located some small eggs in the bark. He surmised that the eggs were butterfly larvae.

Aine joined the hunt.Together we then found several small insects on the trunk and limbs of the tree. Aine and Eamon then began building a fairy house.Soon another child joined them in their search for insects and the creation of a fairy city. Benton spotted a lady bug which was passed around the kiddos.

They played in and around the tree for quite a long time exploring the habitat and creating one of their own. Soon the other little girl had to leave. As she left she told her mother, "But I want to play with them. They are experts!"


  1. I love your little experts! It looks like they had fun exploring and creating!

  2. And ofcourse they are experts! They love to investigate everything so after awhile of investigating they would naturally move to expert statis! Love it.