Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fish and Fowl

We spent a bit of time with Grandpa at the Long Beach Aquarium. It was our second visit with him. Dave and I were surprised the kids did not remember the last visit until we realized that the first time was several years ago.

Grandpa bought some food to feed the lorikeets which dazzled the small people. Mama was not so impressed when a snuggling pair pooped all over her. The birds were fairly active, so we got to see them moving around the inclosure, resting on overhead perches and moving near nesting boxes.
The stingrays and sharks were a little slower. Everyone leaned over the pools to touch the animals. A quick trip around the pools to the large tank rewarded us with close-up views of the large sharks feeding.

Before heading inside to view all the aquariums, Eamon and Aine stopped to view and touch the shark jaws. They were impressed with their size.
The interior of the aquarium was quite busy, but we were able to see quite a bit. Aine was captivated by several divers in a tank explaining the inhabitants. We also liked viewing the baby tiger sharks in their eggs.

We were all glad to spend the day with Grandpa and return tot he aquarium.


  1. That is one thing I miss being landlocked -- no aquariums around here.. I miss being able to touch a sting ray, or other sea creatures.

  2. I hear you, Emily. We are also landlocked, but we are lucky to have an aquarium here. Our zoo also hosts stingrays during the winter, because of our warm climate. So we get a little bit.

  3. Looks like everyone had fun!! You got pooped on by birds though? That's poopy (lol). :)