Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why We Need Chickens

The whole family was sitting in our family room reading, playing games and working on the computer. Benton left the room and sounds could be heard from the kitchen. I kept a keen ear to the sounds. I heard a pot and the refrigerator.

H: "Benton, what are you doing?"
B: " Just getting food."

Fair enough. He knows how to get himself a snack. He knows not to use the stove. I continued to listen.

H: "B, what are you getting to eat?"
B: "I'm making hard boiled eggs!"

Uh oh! I quickly moved from the couch into the kitchen while asking a few key questions.

H: "Did you crack the eggs?"
B: "Uh, huh! All by myself. I am making eggs!"

Benton was so pleased with himself. He had cracked four eggs, three made it into a pot and one had landed on the floor.

B: "See, Mama, I cracked the eggs ALL by myself. I am making hard-boiled eggs."

I quickly wiped up the errant egg, picked a few eggshells out of the mix and helped our little chef make himself scrambled eggs. We talked a bit about how hard boiled eggs need to stay in their shell. He made the eggs all by himself (with a little help from mama). This was such a big deal for the smallest member of our family. Of course, once we were done, he didn't want to eat any eggs.


  1. How sweet! Too bad he didn't want the scrambled eggs after the prep work (but hey -- he did say he wanted hard boiled! ;) )

  2. that is too funny. and chickens are FABULOUS! i wish we could get some. they are so great to have around.

  3. Well he is industrious, that is for sure, right?!